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Another Snowy Weekend

Just when we thought Spring was around the corner, we woke up this morning to little white puffs from the sky.  This is what I found in my back yard:

Crocus in the snow

When will it end?


Northwest Weather book

I love reading the Cliff Mass weather blog, which for some reason seems more accurate than many of the local TV and web sites I follow.

From the P-I blog:

The P-I’s John Marshall interviewed Mass about his book’s success last month, reporting that it’s awfully hard to find in stores lately:

Snow shovels have been hard to find during December, as have been generators, tire chains and other bad-weather equipment. Also in short supply has been a best-selling new book that explains exactly why the weather around here turns so nasty and is so difficult to forecast.

Mass told fans of the book yesterday that relief is on the way. On his blog, the UW professor wrote that a second print run is hitting stores, and that his publisher will print another 5,000-10,000 copies this month

Here come the plows

This welcome sight drove out of the (newly clean) Wells Fargo parking lot this afternoon:

Snow Plow

Slowly but surely life is coming back to normal.

Good news for Catholics

Or maybe it’s bad news if you’re a Mercer Island Catholic trying to think of an excuse to get out of your one visit to church this year.  The snowplows are here, grading the parking lot of St. Monica’s:

Snow plow at St. Monica's Church

Quite a few other plows around too: I saw somebody snowblowing up 86 and many other places.   Today’s warm temperatures and no precipitation are helping make the streets a little more passable, just in time for Christmas.

No gas, lots of ice

We are socked in with ice and snow everywhere, making it hard to get around.  Apparently even the delivery trucks are stuck: there’s no gas now at the Shell station.

No Gas

(See, they took down the price sign).

The roads and parking lots downtown are covered with dangerous ice.  Look at the Post Office:

Mercer Island Post Office is icy

and the North End QFC lot:

North QFC

Is there any relief in sight?  Who knows?  But at least the snow plows are here

Snow plow

(See on Island Crest on Tuesday morning)

See more snow photos of Mercer Island on FlickR

Also see a steady stream of new MI Youtube videos, including this 3-min one showing how deep the snow is: