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Goats at Work (video)

Looks like somebody posted video of that goat herd seen on SE 46th Ave last month.  It’s a nicely-edited clip of the farmer discussing the reasons goats are better than the alternatives at clearing land.

My favorite: you don’t have to cart away the clippings.  All that mulch just disappears into the animal.  Well, sort of.  I mean, it gets converted into something else, right?


The end of the bubble

DamienM posted this fun video showing how they take the bubble off the Shorewood swimming pool:

Look at how many people it takes to get that thing off.  Seems like a lot of work, but it’s probably even harder to put it back on again.

Nice to think that somebody has enough confidence in the weather to get rid of the winter protection over the pool.

Farmers Market video

Another new 5-min video, this time from last Summer’s Mercer Island Farmers Market.

Like the others the City has recently posted, this one is well-produced, with video from last year’s market combined with interviews of vendors and passersby.

I think it’s so nice to see news and video like this.  I wonder who pays for this, and what the budget is for doing more of them?

Island Crest and Merrimount Video

Mercer Island continues its race into the 21st Century, with some new videos posted on Youtube.  The first one is a 5-minute overview of the situation at Island Crest Way and Merrimount.  It’s a well-done video, not just a boring head shot, with video from the intersection as well as scenes of the citizen’s panel doing their deliberations.


I have just a couple of comments:

  1. Shorten the intro to no more than 10 seconds (right now it’s a long, 30 sec). and same with the conclusion.
  2. Use wide screen and HD, instead of the SD format as posted.  They probably take the video in HD, so this is probably a consequence of posting to Youtube more than anything else.  Still, nothing beats HD quality.
  3. Where are the maps?  video of traffic accidents?  etc.  [I’m kidding!  obviously more production work would make this a very expensive video, and harder to publish]

“The best is the enemy of the good”, and I’m glad that these videos are out there in any format and any quality.  We need much more of this!

Mercer Island Monthly

The City has a monthly TV news program.  This month’s episode includes discussion of the 40th street improvement project.

Kindda neat idea, except it’s basically just a talking head.  No video, no conversation. Just 5 minutes of somebody reading some bullet points you could have read more quickly on your own.

I like the idea of Youtube videos from the city. It’s so easy to do, and done correctly it makes for a much better way to communicate to the public.  This first episode isn’t worth watching, but it’s nice that they’re trying something new, and hopefully we can look forward to much more interesting content in the future.

Another Farmers Market Video

Tantrichoops uploaded a short (90 sec) video collage of people doing hula-hoops outside the Farmers Market last summer:

Mercer Island Emergency Video

Joy Johnston, City Communications Coordinator, just created a new Youtube channel and uploaded the first video:

I thought it was cute that the “owner” of the Youtube channel is listed as “age 48”.  The City, of course, was incorporated on July 5th, 1960..