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How do you spell Dan Grausz?

Those of us who know City Councilman Dan Grausz like his hands-on, practical approach to city politics, and his friendly responsiveness to anyone with a question or concern about the City, in spite of his busy full-time job outside the Council.  But as he himself would admit, he’s old-school when it comes to all this new-fangled web technology.  Although he’s been using a Blackberry religiously for years, Web 2.0 has definitely passed him by.

But as he gears up for his Fall Re-election campaign, this has all changed.  He’s now got a web site, a Facebook group, and even a Twitter account, set up by friends who want him re-elected for another four year term.


Unfortunately, a lot of us can’t remember how to spell his name, so how are we going to find those web sites?  Is it Dan Grausz?  Or Dan Grauzs?  or Dan Grouse? 

I guess it’s good for Dan that he’s running against somebody who has a similar hard-to-remember spelling.  Is it Ira Appleman or Ira Appelman?