First Farmers Market of the year

We’re big fans of the Mercer Island Farmers Market, which started last year and is opened today again for the summer.

Mercer Island Farmers Market

Today seemed much colder and drearier than the unseasonably sunny weather we’ve been enjoying for the past month, and maybe the chill kept the crowds away because it didn’t seem as packed as last year.

Mercer Island Farmers Market

The beginning of the season limits the wealth of produce available, especially since the organizers discourage sales of anything that wasn’t picked within a biodiesel’s drive from Mercer Island.Mercer Island Farmers Market

There is a lot of cheese this year (yum!) and more stands selling fish and meat (including fresh goat!).  Strawberries are everywhere, and cherries, though I didn’t see much other variety in vegetables, no doubt because it’s too early.  

As always, the best part of the Farmers Market is the friends we meet there. It may have been my imagination, but they seem to have added more tables, making it an even nicer place for socializing.  Now if only they could do something about the cold and rain!


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