Rent a Ruminant

Look who’s eating this empty lot near the Congregational Church on SE 46th Ave:

Rent a Ruminent : goats eating blackberry bushes.

That’s a herd of goats, from Rent-a-Ruminant.  The animals are voracious eaters, and one of their favorites is blackberry bushes – the invasive species that seems to have taken over every vacant lot on Mercer Island.  Supposedly the goats eat every trace of the bushes, down to the roots.


So what does it cost to get rid of the weeds on your property?  The farmer charges by the day, usually in increments of a quarter acre.  Something like $825/day, plus moving fees.   That sounds like a deal to me, especially if they do a thorough job without leaving toxic herbicides that will run off onto other lots.   I wonder if you can also work out a deal to eat your weed-eater when it’s done.  Did you know that goat is the most widely-consumed meat in the world? Yummy.


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